Formerly the St. Gyles Guild, the Royal Scots Guild changed its name in early 2011. We strive to bring the realism of the court of Queen Mary to those who come to a Scottish faire or Highland Games.

As you can see by the event list, we primarily attend the living history section of Northern Californian Scottish games.

Portraying the court of Queen Mary, we have Ladies in Waiting, Courtiers, Handmaidens, Royal Guards, and members of the Royal Family (James Stewart, Davey Rizzio, Henry Lord Darnely, John Stewart, and more)

Dues are very reasonable. We ask for a donation of $5/day of faire you attend (more is always greatly appreciated but not required) 

If you do not have a period accurate outfit, we do have a borrowing box as well as several women in the guild who can make you an outfit for relatively cheap.

Our requirement for a "commitment" is that you come when you are able, have fun, be respectful of each other, and stay for tear down on sunday!

We also accept children (anyone under 18). They must have a parent or guardian sign their application as well as their liability waiver. Also, young children will not be solely taken care of by the guild. If you have young children, we ask that you also be a member and that you be responsible for them.