The Royal Scots Regiment of Royal Guards
The Royal Courtiers
The Royal Handmaidens
The Royal Ladles in Waiting
The Royal Family Household

 The Royal Scots Regiment of Royal Guards

This section Is for any man who wishes to be In an ancient military regiment of soldiers dedicated to re-create and learn the art of war and the close protection of Her Royal Majesty the Queen In era: 1560 ~  you will learn how to use the halberd, lance &  sword.  There is no standard uniform for these men.  They wear what they want.  The only three items each must have {guild master has full supply for all} is: the burgundy hat, the burgundy shirt, and the burgundy knee high stockings..... Royal Guards are responsible to keep their halberds, spears, and swords war ready: that means polished with no English blood stains.  You must learn how to use these weapons from your Captain & Sergeant Major& Weapons Master during the Renaissance Faires you attend.  What are the required responsibilities of the Royal Guards:  You must stand guard at your commanded time near the Queen at times your Captain requires it.  You must take part In the Battle Pageants.  There will be two sides chosen for these Royal Pageants: one side is the Royal Guards ~ the other side is the English Company of Carlisle Border Raiders.  Burgundy hat or steel helmed Scottish Royal Guards on one side, and black flat hatted English Raiders on the other.  The battle plans are set at rehearsals.  Costume parts will be passed out to you when the Captain decides the parts.  You must take part in the parades.  You must learn to duel with your Rapier Swords only.  You must take part In the Royal Trooping Show for the Queen.  You must take part in the Honors Canopy for all new Knights.  You must take part in the arrest of all Muggles that are found with Hawaiian Shirts on at a Renaissance Fair!  You must take part in the water bucket drubbings of all curmudgeons the Queen doth command. You must take part in the murder show of Henry, Lord Darnley and the murder show of Davie, Lord Rizzio, whenever your Captain arranges with the Queen to kill them.  You train for all of these gigs during the mornings at each faire we go to as a guild.  You are required to help set up and tear down the guild pavilions before and after the faires.  

WHO IS IN CHARGE: Her Majesty the Queen has total command of the Royal Guards. Orders are often issued through Crown Prince Royal James. You also have six officers that run all the endeavors of the Queen’s Own Regiment of Royal Guards: From highest command to lowest:

The Lord Major General

The Lord Captain

The Lord Lieutenant

The Lord Master of Swords and Weapons (Colonel of the Ordnance of Scotland)

The Lord Sergeant Major.

The Lord High Executioner unto the Queen.

These men sit full time on the Queen's War Council and plan all endeavors with other Guilds at faires for any military events. The Major General appoints men of his choosing to be either a Signal Officer to carry the Regiment Banners or a Master Corporal of the Guard who are responsible to make sure all Royal Guards are in attendance on the field, weapons In hand and ready for the Captain on time. Corporals are In charge of correct costume items that must be a part of every Royal Guard costume: If the Royal Guards are not ready, it is the Corporals that will be drubbed.

The top six Royal Officers of the Queen's Own Regiment of Royal Guards are sitting full time members of the Queen's Royal Council.All Royal Councilors must wear a chain of office.


The Royal Courtiers

The Royal Courtiers are men and ladles who wish to be the folk at faire known as the meet and greet lords and ladies.  Their main responsibility is to find muggles and bring them to the Royal Court to meet the Queen!  They are the folk that find every opportunity to give every muggle a Renaissance thrill to talk about when they go home.  If a Royal Courtier Is successful, that muggle will tell others and then more will come to faire to enjoy the ambiance of the Royal Court of Mary, Queen of Scots!  THE MUGGLES ARE OUR MAJOR WORKI Royal Courtiers are men In very fine costumes, ladles In very beautiful costumes, monks, bishops, court Jesters, ambassadors from every foreign court In Europe, highland clan chiefs, barons, baronesses, viscounts, vi-countesses, earls, countesses, marquees, marchionesses, dukes, duchesses, court pages, sheriffs, constables, lord high mayors, Prop Masters, Justice of the peace, Royal Secretaries, Royal Chamberlains, Royal Treasurers, Master of Revels, Master of Ambassadors, Master of Court, Royal Portress of the Court, Mistress of Court & most Important of all: Cardinal Knights  &  Knights &  Dames of the Realm!  - Each courtier no matter the chosen Ideal character - are actors who entertain: some Sing, some dance, some recite "prose & poetry, some escort the Queen, some play board games with muggles, some see to stick horse races with the muggles, some serve food, some do ceremonies, some stand as lawyers for arrested muggles, some make ribbon favors for the Queen, some do mini-plays, some sit with muggles and tell them of the ancient tymes, and some find muggles dressed In Hawaiian clothing or dark glasses to Introduce to the Queen the moment they are spotted and brought for trial, drubbing or pardoning  The second most Important Job of the Royal Courtiers Is to keep the Court area clean, neat, and very busy with activities of all kinds! 


The highest ranking Royal Courtier Is the Master of Revels. He coordinates all Court activities each day and Is In charge of the Guild Personnel and Shows on site of ever faire.

The second highest ranking Royal Courtier is the Royal Portress.She controls all access to the Queen at all times and runs all Court area shows and endeavors and set up and tear-down of the Royal Court.

The third highest ranking Royal Courtier Is the Royal Great Secretary of State for Scotland and the Isles.He is responsible for all the Check In endeavors and off site management of Personnel at all times.

The fourth highest ranking Royal Courtier Is the Royal Great Ambassador for Scotland and the Isles. He attends all meetings on and off-site with Faire Boards and Guild Masters and conducts morning and evening notes with the Queen and the Grand Master. All Four of these folk are full time members of the Queen's Royal Council. All Royal Councilors must wear a chain of Office.


The Royal Handmaidens

This Royal House is for ladles with costumes of any kind.  The Handmaidens have three required costumes items:  Their hat must be on their heads at all times, their shopping baskets, and their burgundy aprons.  The rest is whatever suits their fancy.  The Royal Handmaidens are responsible for carrying all flags in parades, ringing bells In parades, feeding and watering the guild folk at all times, pulling dead soldiers off the field of battle, crying loudly over the dead soldiers, making sure all spears are taken off the battle field In between battle charges, and helping to polish bloody and rusty halberds and spears.  However, the number one duty and greatest of all is to make sure the Health and Safety Table Is set and full of food for the Guild Folk and the Queen! Handmaidens must make sure the dishes are washed, the Ice Is at the ready, the health and safety rags are In every guild members pouch, and above all: every person In the guild Is  forced to drink lots of water all the day!  Handmaiden must absolutely be: very kind to all guild folk and muggles. Handmaidens must make sure the kitchen Is sanitary and clean at all times, Handmaidens must put together a skit or mini-play to please the Queen during the talent show on Sunday afternoons.  Handmaidens are totally In charge of all ladles borrowing boxes and help new folk with getting items ready for them to wear.  Handmaidens are the chief medical personnel of the guild: they must observe who has red faces or white wimpy faces and bring them to the medical staff for help at all times!  If anyone refuses to drink water or come to medical staff or any medical problem on site: they must report this to the Grand Master Immediately.


The highest ranking Royal Handmaiden is the Royal Chatelaine. She is in-charge of all Handmaidens and all Handmaiden duties.

The second highest ranking Royal Handmaiden Is the Mistress of Flags and bells. She Is In charge of all Handmaidens for parade duty:who is to do bells, who Is to do flags, which two will carry water ewers, and one for pickles pot.

The third & fourth highest ranking Royal Handmaidens are the Mistresses of Kitchen.They are in-charge of breakfast for all guild folk who pay their $4.00 - no money, no breakfast!She is in-charge of making sure health and safety food is on the tables at all times: morning, noon and night!She is in-charge of keeping the kitchen active - no mushroom people who sit and avoid Court.The kitchen is not a lounge lizard habitat!It is a place to eat and drink heartily, and a hospital for the sick and sun shocked folk to heal.

Mistresses of Kitchens must be very kind, sweet, and tender folk! Their patron saint is: Florence Nightingale who loved the needy!All four of these Officers of the Lady Handmaidens are full time members of the Queen's Royal Council. All Royal Councilors must wear a chain of Office.


The Royal Ladles in Waiting

The Royal Ladles in Waiting Household Is reserved for ladles who wear the very finest gowns in all the land of Scotland.Each must have a beautiful gown and wear an arisade over their shoulder made of tartan cloth.These ladles are absolutely devoted to Her Royal Majesty the Queen: morning, noon and night!They must think up and do skits and mini-plays to please the Queen, they must sing to the Queen, and do Court dances for the Queen! But each of the Ladles In Waiting are greatly assigned to a particular duty for a day of faire.This is will change based on who shows up first to report to duty! 

There are only two full time Royal Officers for the Ladles in Waiting:

1. The Chief Royal Lady in Waiting - She Is In charge of all endeavors every day of the fairs for the Queens health and safety and pleasure at all times and management of every Lady in Waiting with the most solemn duty to make sure each lady has her lunch hour and her shopping hour and each lady In waiting has her shopping basket under arm - with the following Items required: her sunscreen lotion, her money pouch, her cup, her kerchief, her ribbon favors, her dragons tears.

 2. The Royal Lady of the Cup - She is in-charge of all singing, dancing, and skits and mini-plays and as well, all food and drinks for the Queen at all times!  She is the on-site administration person for the Queen when anyone is brought forth by the Royal Portress who may be a Guild Master or a Royal or Chieftain from another Guild. She invites them to sit with the Queen. The Royal First Lady In Waiting appoints each day:  A lady of the fan, a lady of the book (gift lady), a lady of the gowns, a lady of the favors, a lady of the wee knights ceremony sword, a lady of the scepter for wee Princess ceremonies.

The Royal Chief Lady In Waiting and the Royal Lady of the Cup are full time members of the Queen's Council. All Royal Councilors must wear a chain of Office.


The Royal Family Household

The Royal Family Household is made up of Her Royal Majesty The Queen; Mary Stewart - Queen of Scotland and the Isles, the Royal Grand Duchesses of Appin, the Royal Grand Duchess of Aberdeen, the Royal Grand Duchess of Edwards, the Royal Grand Duchess of Lundie, the Royal Grand Duchess of Kirkaldy, the Royal Grand Duchess of Tooke, and the four Stewart brother Prince characters: Prince James, Prince John, Prince Robert, & Prince Andrew. (All bastard sons of King James IV) (Mary was the only legitimate child born to James V) Henry, Lord Darnley, Grand Duke of Lenox and Davie, Lord Rizzio, and the Grand Duke of Hollyrood are In the Royal Family Household.Their only duty is their complete and absolute devotion to the Queen at all times: day in and day out. 

Also in the Royal Household is the ROYAL SENESCHALS REGIMENT. The Royal Seneschals are the personal bodyguards of Crown Prince James Stewart. They are not military personnel. The only time they carry a halberd is on parade with the Prince. Their main duties are all ceremonies of Royal Estate: Knightings, Squirings, Convocations, and the total concentration of the tenting, costumes, parchments, scripts, arrest warrants, royal gold boxes, drums, and bag pipes and Royal attendants with the Queen and the Prince folk of Scotland. There are four royal officers in the Royal Seneschals Regiment: The Chief Officer is the Lord Great Royal Captain of the Seneschals.

The second highest officer is the Lord Great Royal Adjutant Seneschal.

The Third Is the Lord Great Royal Provost Officer.

The fourth is the Lord Great Royal Steward of Scotland.

Each are given their duties daily at each faire depending on the necessities of the day. ALL DRUMMERS AND ALL PIPERS ARE ROYAL SENESCHALS. Seneschals must all swear their loyalty, reliance and dedication to the service of His Royal Highness the Crown Prince Royal Prince James Stewart and must be totally committed to the entire guild endeavors at the faires. All Seneschals wear a black cape and a chain of office.